Addie is the pairing of Eddie Miller and Amber Millington. Eddie flirts with Amber (and also flirts with Mara and Joy). Amber was attracted to him in the first episode he was in of Season 2. The two are housemates and are both involved in the mysteries of the Anubis House now, since Eddie is the Osirian and Amber is a founding member of Sibuna. The two students aren't seen together a lot, but it can still be a romantic or friendship pairing. They are not canonically romantic, but they possibly could in a future season. They might get closer in the third season. Amber has been mentioned in some conversations between Patricia and Eddie. Amber and Eddie might get slightly attracted to each other, but it's not possible as Patricia and KT could already by involved. In the Season 2 finale, were one of the two who were in the library looking on what's going on how Nina almost went into the afterlife and Rufus and Senkara went somewhere (It is unknown where). This pairing may not happen of the cause that Amber left to fashion school and also the fact she's dating Alfie Lewis ,Eddie working with KT to find out what's the next mystery, and also the fact he just got out of a relashionship with Patricia Williamson and may still have feelings for her.


Season 2Edit

House of Who? / House of FraudsEdit

  • Eddie flirts with Mara, Joy, and Amber, telling them he never knew English girls could be so cute.
  • Amber looked happy after he said that and she laughed saying,"Oh stop it, you," with a flirty tone.
  • When Eddie asks the girls' names, Amber quickly introduces herself, because she was attracted to him.

House of Chance / House of DividesEdit

  • Eddie was laughing at Amber
  • Eddie smiled while watching Amber leave.
  • When Jerome was announcing the winner of donkey day, Amber was standing next to where Eddie was sitting.
  • When Jerome was eating the creamed carrots, Eddie was recording it and smiled when Amber passed with the round boards in the shape of carrots.
  • Amber was staring at Eddie while sweeping everything up.
  • Amber told Patricia and Eddie to stop and Eddie listened.

House of Crushes / House of VertigoEdit

  • Eddie jumped when Amber hurt her foot and screamed.

Season 3Edit

House of Trickery / House of UnityEdit

  • When Amber explained that she tricked Victor, Eddie sighed and smiled at her.
  • When they all hugged her goodbye, Eddie stood next to her and wrapped his arm around her.