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Ambers opinion

Jerome Found out that i like him by finding the notes that say i like him, and he invited me to his and alfie room and he said he like me two and the most amazing thing happened, we KISSED! and then another amazing thing happened, HE ASKED ME OUT!

Jeromes opinionEdit

I found AMbers test notes and on the margin of the last page said Amber Clarke my crush like ME! Amber came to my room like i suggested on a sticky note i stuck on the front of her notes and she admitted she likes me and i did aswell we kissed i asked her out and this part is no big deal...Ok maybe it is...SHE SAID YES!


(Jerome and amber stop kissing and pull away)

Jerome:So are officially a cuple now?

Amber:Yes but we need to see how the world reacts to us so we have to keep us a secret but yes we are


(Kiss again)

(Patrcia walks in)

Patricia:Hey Amber, What are you doing?

(Sees Jamber kissing)

(Jamber stop kissing and look at Patricia

Patricia:Whats going on here?


Amber:yeah we were just descusing the test


Amber:I best be going


(Both smile at each other while Amber and Patricia leave)

(Patricia looked confused)

Patricia: Did i miss something?

Amber:No its just we were dicusing the test like when he found my notes he noticed one was wrong