Amoy is the friendship pairing of Amber Millington and Joy Mercer. Though we don't hear much of these girls' friendship in the beginning, their friendly past becomes more and more obvious as the season goes on, especially during the video chat when Amber is excited to see Joy, wanting to catch her up on all that's been happening at the house. However, the love triangle with Nina, Joy, and Fabian caused a rift in their friendship. Amber normally took Nina's side because she's Nina's best friend. Despite this, they still had their friendship moments sometimes. Though, the rivalry lasted almost the whole season, everything was resolved by the finale.


Season 1Edit

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House of Rendezvous / House of RescueEdit

  • Amber is a little cold to Nina, possibly because she thinks Nina is the cause of Joy's disappearance.
  • Amber follows Fabian and Nina into the attic. Probably to find answers to the Joy mystery.
  • When Patricia tells Amber that Joy is in the audience, she squeals "Ooo! Where?!"
  • After Patricia tells Joy to run, Amber steps aside to make even more room.
  • After Joy runs by, Amber almost look as though she wanted to follow and catch up.
  • When Joy sees Amber through the screen she greets her with "Is that Amber?"
  • Amber replies "HI JOY!"
  • The two girls grin at each other, making it no question that they were good friends before Joy disappeared.
  • Amber looks just as disappointed as Patricia when Joy tells them that she's not going to return.

Season 2Edit

They don't seem to be on friendly terms this season because Nina and Joy are both interested in Fabian. Amber also gives advice to Fabian how not to fall for Joy. When Joy publishes the article about Nina, Amber is very angry at Joy and tells her if she wants to say something to Nina say it to her face instead of writing an article about it. In the Season 2 finale, Amber is one of the first ones to help Joy and is very worried about her. Also in the Season 2 finale, Joy runs out with the rest of her housemates when Fabina kissed so that means that Joy is accepting Fabina.

Season 3Edit

House of Arrivals / House of Presents Edit

  • They both seemed happy to see each other again.
  • Joy helped set up for Amber's party.
  • She lead the surprise party and dragged Fabian and Patricia in to be part of it.
  • Joy tried to get Fabian to to focus on Amber on her birthday, not Eddie
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