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Joy was once a member of Sibuna in season 2!

Joy Mercer


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Joy Mercer
is one of the main characters in House of Anubis. Joy dissapeared in season 1 because she was mistaken for the chosen one because she had the same birthday as the real chosen one, Nina Martin on the 7th month on the 7th day at the 7th time. Joy once said she does not want to be the chosen and that she would rather be a normal kid. Nina came to Anubis House when Joy dissapered which caused Fabian (Joys crush) to switch his crush from Joy to Nina. When Joy came back the next term being reunited with her crush to find out that he had a new girlfriend. She is best friends with Patricia and is sibuna member for a certain time. Joy would do anything to get Nina out of Fabia

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ns mind and her into it but when she realises Fabian still had feelings for Nina. When Fabian and Nina broke up, Joy tries to stop her obsesesion with Fabian and tried to stop sabotaging Nina. But her crush on Fabian did not help when he suffered from memory loss for a while and forgot Joy. Also, Fabians special (Second) trip to the movie theater and when he forgot her name and instead called her Pam. From that moment she vowed that her crush on Fabian was officially crushed!

But she still has not stopped sabotaging Fabina when Joy talked to her teacher Mrs.Valentine, Mrs.Valentine gives Joy advice that she should figure out what the root of her problem is with herself and Fabian and then get rid of it. Joy figured that Nina was the problem so she posted an article about Nina. The article says NIna keeps on skipping class to go and see her ill grandmother at the hospital which did not help but made it worse with Fabian and Joy. Fabian said Joy was not the girl he used to know and when he walked away Joy said he was not the boy she used to know.

After feeling horrible for what she did she slowly starts to turn away from Patricia. Joy and Patricia get into a fight about what's been going on. Joy says she doesn't need Patricia and Patricia says she will lose her friends. After Nina falls down the the Senet board, Fabian turns to Joy, to Amber's dismay. Fabian tells Joy about Sibuna and she gets all excited. Amber believes she will mess up the game so they never find Nina, which hurts Joys feelings. She said she would play chess all the time when she was locked up in season 1. She becomes very good at Senet, but takes a long time to learn it. She sucessfully gets Fabian across the board, and they make up as friends. In the season 2 finale, Joy and Fabian dance together. She is happy when Fabian and Nina get back together.